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Fu Wind Swordsman

Fu Wind Swordsman

Cantidad de envíos : 421
Fecha de inscripción : 29/07/2009
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Localización : Donde el Eterno Resplandor de la Luna yace en tus ojos...

MensajeTema: YUGIOH - RAGNAROK FORMAT   Mar Nov 06, 2018 11:09 pm

Ragnarok is a fun format created with the aim of balancing the game, keeping old strategies in force.

The main peculiarity of this format is that all the cards are limited to 1 per deck. Because of this, it is not possible to exploit a single super powerful card several times in the same duel, or repeat a combo 3 times in a row, as many of the most devastating decks do.

We have done Gametesting of the format for some months, and we have discovered that the format is extremely balanced and the duels are much slower. And this despite the fact that forbidden cards are usable on this format, many of which are extremely powerful and allow infinite combos, while others accelerate the deck as Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity. This is because of the fact that the cards are limited to 1, which limits the possibilities a lot. For example, an exodia deck can not count on 3 copies of the same card as Reckless Greed to accelerate the Draw.

The advantage of this format is that, although there are extremely powerful combinations (even infinite combos), the duels are not a massacre of 1 or 2 turns. The start of the duel is slow and accelerates as the duel advances.

We invite all players to give this format a try! We hope that it will gain fame and that it will expand over time. And that more and more tournaments are being made in this format within the community of Yu-gi-oh!

The rules of the Ragnarok Format are the following:

1.- All the cards of the game are limited to 1 copy per deck.
2.- All the cards of the Banlist can be used, and they are limited to 1 copy per deck.
3.- If there is a re-edition of a card (for example, crush card virus, brain control), apply the effect of the new card.
4.- Playing with Link Monsters is not allowed.
5.- For purposes of the game, apply the rules after the Pendulum Monsters, but before the Link Monsters. There may be 2 Field Spell Cards in play, one per player. The player who starts the duel does not draw a card or can attack, while the second player does. Players can summon any number of monsters from their extra deck, without the needing of Links. Since link monsters doesn't exist in this format, the position where you play the monsters rarely matters.

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